With Technokat science is easy to get – for everyone, any time and everywhere

Technokat, Ltd. is engaged in the development and administration of educational programs, utilizing its own proprietary educational plans and unique devices, based upon the pedagogical premise of “Investigate and Redesign”

We believe that:

“What I Hear – I Forget,

What I See – I Remember,

What I Make – I Understand”

(Chinese Proverb)

The Essence of Technokat Educational Programs

Technokat Educational Programs employ a multi-tiered approach that facilitates the acquisition of scientific principles through ‘hands-on’ activities focused on technological concepts with the goal of the developing a participant’s scientific thinking and raising his/her level of technological competence. Each Technokat Educational Program consists of four basic components:

• Freely exploringing technological devices to uncover underlying physical phenomena

• Investigating those physical phenomena, systematically, to discover the underlying scientific principles

 Applying the principles learned while exhibiting an understanding of technological design skills by building a device

• Designing and constructing a new technological system utilizing the acquired scientific and technological knowledge within the educational guidelines of Problem Based Learning

Distinctive Characteristics of The Technokat, Ltd. Educational Programs

• Technokat, Ltd. Educational Programs are multi-disciplinary integrating the learning of science and technology with literature, history, mathematics, language, geography and the arts

• Technokat, Ltd. Educational Programs contain no unrevealed elements, students learn what they can attempt, inquire and discover through the learning process

• There are no hidden costs, Technokat, Ltd. Educational Programs come complete with all elements necessary including teacher and students manuals and device creation kits

• Technokat, Ltd. Educational Programs can be used as a supplement to the existing curriculum or to create a unique “whole” learning environment.

• Technokat, Ltd. Educational Programs address all fields of a child’s growth including sensory motor, cognitive, social and emotional development, while conveying the scientific and technological principles necessary for advancement in today’s world

• Technokat, Ltd. Educational Programs are modular and can be tailored with the specific requirements of any educational environment

• Technokat, Ltd. Educational Programs can be adapted for and utilized with a wide range of differing groups – standard educational classrooms in both public and private schools, for the learning challenged and those with special needs, disadvantaged youth, gifted children

• All Technokat, Ltd. Educational Programs are provided with full academic instruction and support

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